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I am a tall and curvy California native living in New York City with intelligence, wit, charm, and a lion's mane of hair. My true love is playing on the stage: from Shakespeare to musicals and everything in between. And, since my most identifying feature is my big hair, I decided to make a YouTube series about it and called it, "Me and My Big Hair"--check it out here:

Looking for representation across the board as I expand my horizons to also play on the sets in the on-camera world.

NYC and LA local hire

Current Roles


Guess I'll Just Say It Here supporting role in short film, playing the role of a music executive

Oribe Hair model for live style sessions

Internet Commercial lead in corporate software commercial for online ads and CTV filmed in NYC

The Acting Center Online scene study acting teacher with The Acting Center of Los Angeles

Recent Roles

"Me and My Big Hair"  Seasons I, II , and III of YouTube web-series. YouTube Channel: Miss Jewell. 

Internet Commercial--Spokesperson/Lead in Commercial for Internet release, filmed in San Diego

"I Never Saw Another Butterfly" role of Mother with Laguna Playhouse

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