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I am a tall and curvy California native living in New York City with intelligence, wit, charm, and a lion's mane of hair. My true love is playing on the stage: from Shakespeare to musicals and everything in between. And, since my most identifying feature is my big hair, I decided to make a YouTube series about it and called it, "Me and My Big Hair"--check it out here:

Looking for representation across the board as I expand my horizons to also play on the sets in the on-camera world.

Current Roles

"Me and My Big Hair"  Seasons I & II of YouTube web-series. YouTube Channel: Miss Jewell. Season III Partially Published

The Acting Center Online scene study acting teacher with The Acting Center of Los Angeles

Recent Roles

Internet Commercial--Spokesperson/Lead in Commercial for Internet release, filmed in San Diego

"I Never Saw Another Butterfly" role of Mother with Laguna Playhouse

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